Brow Lift

  With the effect of gravity, the contraction of the mimic muscles over the years causes some deformations in the eyebrow and forehead areas, which we call the upper face part. In this case, the person

it causes a joyless, tired expression and an old appearance. The disappearance of this appearance is possible with forehead and eyebrow aesthetics. After the operation, the person gains softer muscles and a younger appearance.

Expectations of forehead lift operation

Elimination of forehead lines

Removal of sagging eyebrows and eyelid bags

Elimination of lines between eyebrows

Forehead and eyebrow aesthetic operation techniques

Forehead and eyebrow aesthetics operation is divided into two as forehead lift and endoscopic forehead lift operation.

Classic forehead lift surgery; The forehead skin is lifted with an incision made between the two temples, which remains in the scalp. This operation is performed in a hospital environment by giving general anesthesia to the patient. from ear level

An incision is made behind the ear and an incision is made around the head to the other side. After this procedure, after the location of the eyebrow is determined, if excess skin needs to be removed, it is removed and sutured. Bleeding is controlled with resistors.

The technique from the past to the present is in this direction. During the forehead stretching process, the eyebrows are also intervened. Sometimes, surgery can be performed to raise eyebrows alone. You can get a modern and new look with the eyebrow lift operation. Endoscopic forehead lift is one of the biggest developments in plastic surgery for 10 years. The biggest advantage of this operation is that small incisions are made in the long incisions. In this way, it leaves less scars and heals faster. This procedure, which is performed under general anesthesia, takes approximately 1.5 hours.

Can forehead and eyebrow aesthetic operations be repeated?

Forehead and eyebrow aesthetics operation does not need repetition at certain intervals like botox.

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