Neck Lift

Even though they are young;

*For genetic reasons

*Due to weight gain and weight loss, neck sagging may occur. When a necklift is not performed, a saggy balloon appearance occurs in the area.

*Loosening, downwards sagging of excess fat tissue due to the effect of gravity causes some deformations described as turkey neck to occur. These deformations that occur over time and a prominent double chin structure constitute the reasons for a necklift surgery.

Double Chin Removal and Double Chin Reduction

Being the continuation of the face, it would be a big mistake to exclude the neck from facial aesthetics. When deciding, Neck Aesthetics should definitely be considered along with facial aesthetics. Features of the face and neck area should be addressed together. Applications made to address both of the areas will help achieve a more striking and aesthetic look. There are various treatments available today for double chin reduction and neck aesthetics, such as Focused Ultrasound, Golden Needle and PRP applications and mesotherapy with hyaluronic acid. According to the degree of deformity and the features of the neck aesthetic a classification is made. According to the classification made, double chin reduction or the preferred treatment is done. The most commonly used ones among the other applications are;

*Surgical Necklift

*A non-surgical application called Spider Web (thread lift).

Surgical Necklift Operation

Being the continuation of the face, surgical necklift operation is recommended to be done along with facelift operation. The operation is performed by a plastic surgeon and under local or general anesthesia. After the anesthesia, an incision is made starting from the front of the ears towards the back, to the natural jaw line and to the hair area. Deformed and sagging muscle structure is tightened. Excess fat tissue and skin are cut out in accordance with the structure of the area. The incision areas are stitched back.  It is normal to have some swelling and bruising after the operation. The aesthetics center can recommend the patient to stay overnight depending on their condition. On occasions that it is not necessary, the patient is discharged following a duration of post-operation observation.

Necklift with Spider Web Operation (thread lift)

Spider Web operation is an extremely effective procedure with very good results and it is ideal for those who want a non-surgical neck lift. Depending on the condition of the neck, a number of threads are put under the skin using fine-tipped needles. The body structure reacts to the threads and increases collagen production. Elastin and fibroblast production accelerates. Thus, the area gets stretched and over time, the neck deformation improves. After having the Spider Web operation, the individual quickly resumes their social life. No garments or special treatments are required. Necklift or Neck Operation prices vary according to the deformation in the area.

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