Chin Implant

As the perception of beauty is changing and aesthetic operations getting more and more common, chin operation is another procedure preferred by many people today. With the help of chin operations, significant changes on the face shape can be achieved and operations done in a way that suit the structure of the face gives individuals a quite good appearance.

Situations Requiring Chin Operation and their Solution Methods

Conditions that require chin operation can be divided into 2: upper jaw and lower jaw surgeries. Prior to upper jaw surgery, it may be necessary to take x-rays and correct the positions with orthodontic treatment. Prior to lower jaw surgery, once again, it is necessary to take X-rays and design the operation with plaster models.

Chin Operation Price 2022 – 2023

Although the prices of chin operation are interested by many people, the price depends on many parameters. There are differences such as the jaw structure of the person, the materials to be used, the chin area determined by the doctor, and a consultation should be requested for the final price.

What is Chin Reduction Surgery? Does it cause soreness and pain?

Chin Surgery is one of the most popular Chin aesthetic procedures. It is referred to as chin reduction surgery and it is applied to people who have a larger chin. It can also be enhanced by procedures such as facelift and nose surgery to be compatible with the facial features of the individual.

How to Determine the Most Appropriate Jaw in Facial Aesthetics?

One of the most important points in chin surgery is that the chin complements the face. The chin look requested by the patient should be explained to the doctor realistically and there should be a mutual agreement on the chin designed specifically for the patient by the doctor. It is possible to be informed about the operation by examining the photos before and after chin surgeries.

Be Careful After Chin Surgery! Pay Close Attention to Swellings and Bruises

After the operation, it is quite normal to have swelling and bruising on the chin. The swelling and bruising is temporary. If conditions such as jaw displacement occur after surgery, it should be consulted with the doctor. The patient should rest for 1 week after the surgery, then they can return to their daily life.

Nutrition Methods After Chin Surgery

After chin surgery, liquid diet is recommended for the first week. Then it is appropriate to act in accordance with the doctor’s advice.

Can Speech Impairment Occur After Chin Surgery?

As with any surgery, there is a risk of complications in chin surgery, but with experienced doctors and conscious patients, this probability is very low.

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