How does the need for facial rejuvenation arise?

The facial area directly contacts with the outside world and therefore it is constantly in a vulnerable position to wear out. For this reason, it is more possible for aging and wear marks to occur on the facial area. Facial care is possible through aesthetic solutions.

It would not be right to explain the essential elements that affect the aging process only through the concept of time. Because the body is a much complex system, connective and fat tissues as well as bones get affected by the process. With aging, some changes can be observed in the facial area such as dryness, sudden changes in the skin and noticeable thinning of the skin.

Over time, the body’s natural fat tissue may reduce in the temple area and the upper parts of the face. Likewise, bone loss can also be observed due to aging. Depending on the reasons listed above, following events might occur in the facial area;

Visible crow’s feet wrinkles,

Deep line and wrinkle formation in the forehead area,

Pits occurring under the eye,

Prominent line formation on the lip and nasal sides,

Tear trough structure formation,

Anti-Aging and Facial Rejuvenation

On the facial area, wrinkles and signs of aging may occur with time and other reasons. Through procedures under the name of facial rejuvenation, basically, a facelift operation is done. A majority of patients ask for a non-surgical facelift. They may want to eliminate the problem using less painful methods, with facial care.

Face lift is a surgical intervention to treat the changes on the facial area that occurs due to the effects of aging or environmental conditions. With procedures that can be described as facial peeling or necklift, the saggy looking excess skin is peeled away. Facial rejuvenation through Radiofrequency is an intervention that can be done at aesthetic centers or in clinical environments during which the skin tissue that has lost volume and loosened up is restored.

Most of the patients focus on the question of what a non-surgical facelift is. In mesotherapy method, the sagging excess skin is removed from the body, whereas with facial mesotherapy you can achieve a younger appearance.

Suitability Test for Facelift Operation

Facelift operation is a skin care intervention that involves procedures different than fillers or PRP treatments. Patients with symptoms mentioned above are candidates for surgery. After the first test, the candidate’s surgery is decided.


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