Liposuction is a type of operation that removes the accumulation of unwanted fat and accumulates excessively in certain parts of the body, and allows the body lines to be smoothed. It is ensured that the accumulated fat under the skin is removed with small sections made from certain areas and inconspicuous hidden points. In short, it is a fat removal operation.

One of the misconceptions about the subject is that the Liposuction method is thought to be a weight loss surgery. But this is completely wrong information. It is to smooth the body lines that have been distorted by this operation. In other words, the person should continue to eat properly, exercise and sleep regularly after the surgery.

In general, excess fat varies based on gender and genetic factors. It collects in the hip area, hip area and abdomen. People who are disturbed by disproportionate fat accumulations are candidates for regional liposuction operations.


What is important in liposuction operations is the aftermath. After liposuction, which is an aesthetic surgery, the patient is dressed in a corset. If there is no sagging in the areas with lubrication, this corset is removed within 15 days. However, in cases such as sagging, the corset is used for 2 months.

With liposuction, the tissue in the area recovers itself.

In liposuction, the tissue in the performed area recovers, sagging decreases and the body becomes more tidy and lively. In addition, the other purpose of corset use is to reduce edema that may occur after surgery and to suppress bleeding.

Vaser Liposuction

The most important feature that distinguishes this method from other methods is that the adipose tissue under the skin is liquefied and fragmented with a special sound wave that only affects the fat cells. Recently, Vaser Liposuction is the most preferred liposuction method.

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