The operation is known as a way that many people go for. In some cases, the operation is done as a necessity and sometimes it is done to have a better appearance with the individual’s own choice. The most commonly performed surgery in terms of aesthetics is rhinoplasty. During nose surgeries for nasal bone curvature correcting, the bone and cartilage structures in the nose are corrected and the nose is reshaped.

During an aesthetic surgery on the nose, besides removing bones and cartilage, additions can also be made on the nose. In rhinoplasty surgery, the aim is for the tip of the nose and the nasal arch to be shaped as desired.

Interventions Performed in Nose Aesthetics Surgery

The patient who will undergo nose surgery is examined before the surgery and it is evaluated whether there is a problem with breathing in the nose. In the evaluation, if there is a state of septum deviation, concha hypertrophy, that is, inability to breathe through the nose, this condition is also intervened. Rhinoplasty, also known as a nose operation, is not a very long surgery. The surgery takes up to 2 hours.

After the surgery, a thermoplastic splint is placed on the bridge of the nose. This apparatus is placed on the skin to prevent swelling. The placed splint is removed after one week. After the surgery, the nose remains bandaged for about a week.

If the nose surgery is performed to facilitate breathing, tampons are placed in the nose. These tubes stay for 2-5 days and they are then removed. It is necessary to apply ice to prevent bruising and swelling after nose surgery. The existing swelling and bruising will begin to go away within 2 days.

Non-Surgical Nose Surgery

Non-surgical nose surgery is a very short procedure. This aesthetic procedure is performed by Aesthetics Centers in Istanbul. In this aesthetic process, the gaps on the nasal arch are filled with fillers. Thus, aesthetic procedure is performed without performing any procedure on the bone and cartilage structure. The prices of nose surgery vary according to the area where the surgery is performed and the materials used. Non-surgical nose operation is much cheaper than the ones done with surgery. In this regard, doctor Çağdaş Orman will help you.

“In open rhinoplasty, an incision is made under the tip of the nose for access; in closed rhinoplasty nasal structures are accessed by entering through incisions made from inside of the nose. Although both techniques have advantages over each other, I think that performing each nose surgery with the same technique will reduce the success of the surgery. For this, I determine which technique I will use according to the patient.”

In general, the biggest advantage of the closed technique is that the operation is relatively shorter and the postoperative nasal swelling regresses rapidly. Therefore, the shape of the nose settles earlier. In the open technique, it is the direct view of the surgical site and the use of all of the described surgical techniques during the operation. Only nose tip shaping surgery is done for individuals who do not have a bony nose or a curvature in the nasal bridge area. It is an easier surgery than rhinoplasty surgery due to splints not being used after surgery, having very little nasal swelling, and returning to normal life at an earlier stage.

Although it does not apply to all patients, one good thing about the operation is that it can be performed under local anesthesia (term used for the numbing of the surgical site only). I would like to state that I do not recommend local anesthesia to my patients very much as long as there are no obvious health problems. Although the soreness after nose surgery is not very much, patients who have a nasal bone shaping may have soreness on the first day. I think we have also overcome this problem with the use of painkiller medication. It is the shaping of the nasal tip and bridge using either fillers, Botox or both. The important thing here is to choose the patient carefully. Not every patient is suitable for this intervention. These are the applications we recommend for patients who are afraid of surgery and for patients who have undergone surgery and has minor deformities occurring on their nose bridge.

Although there are not many limitations for the use of Botox, in my opinion there are some limitations for filling. It should be known that fillers are compounds with ingredients that cause an increase in volume. I am of the opinion that it would be wrong to augment a nose with fillers when it actually needs to be reduced. I think that permanent fillings may cause problems in our application.

With the era of technology, it was expected that this procedure would be perceived as a simple intervention, but I would like to draw attention to the fact that complications are more common when fillers are used in nose operations. Therefore, it is important to make sure that the person performing the procedure is a doctor and to knows the content of the applied substance.

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