Tummy Tuck

Abdominal aesthetics is very important for body appearance, especially when looking in the mirror. People may experience sagging if they are overweight and lose weight quickly or during rapid weight gain and loss after pregnancy. These sagging in the abdomen can be recovered with aesthetic procedures.

For sagging in the anterior abdominal wall, both fat tissue is removed and stretching operations are performed in the abdominal region. Liposuction comes to the fore in these procedures. Abdominoplasty can be very unsettling for people. Because the abdominal region is large, the incisions are so large. The important thing is that the patient should pay attention to the rules that must be followed before and after the operation. It is important that the patient quit smoking before the surgery. This is very important, especially for long-lasting plastic surgeries.

Who are Suitable for Abdominoplasty

It is a method that can be considered for all people who are aesthetically uncomfortable with the abdominal region. Surgical tummy tuck includes multiple procedures. These procedures can be done for anyone who applies for expert opinion and gives their body health a hand. Aesthetic procedures do not have high risks as in other abdominal surgery procedures. Because there is no need to go too deep in abdominal aesthetics as people think.

Fat removal operation is easily performed for people who have completed their development and have had too much sagging. Its suitability is determined by its indication and age. It is very important to consult an expert for these procedures. Çağdaş Orman is an expert who has made a name for himself in these procedures and has gained the trust of patients with his experience.

Things to Consider After Abdominoplasty

After the surgery, patients can start to stand up and walk only 4 hours later. Since different methods are used in the non-surgical abdominal aesthetic option, this period may be different. It may take about 15 days for the stitches to heal completely after the operation. Abdominal aesthetics prices vary according to aesthetic centers. The important thing is to be able to go through regular checks after the procedure.

Liposuction is indispensable in the tummy tuck process. Because, in order for the fatty abdominal region to reach the desired body shape, a certain amount of fat should be removed and stretching should be done. It is important that aesthetic centers will deal with the patient one-to-one after the procedure, as before the procedure. For this reason, Istanbul aesthetic centers, which do these operations a lot, come to the fore.

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